Day 3 : "Write about 2 memories."

Hello, everyone! So in the third day of the writing challenge, I'm gonna write 2 of the memories that made me the person that I am today. Kind of, not really sure about the second one. I think life changing is the right term. Okay, now let's just get on with it.

The First Memory : "Wishful Thinking"

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It was a sunny day in April 2017, I started my day feeling a little nervous. It was the day that will show me what my future is like. I took a shower quite late that day, don't really remember when as it's not the main topic. Anyway, when the clock said "2 pm", I opened the website that showed which university I will be accepted in. I was sweating like crazy because the website won't open due to so many people also opened it today. My sister, My mom, and I sat together on the sofa. The laptop was on my sis' lap, I sat between them. When it was finally opened, she didn't show it to me, but to my mom straight away. That was when I knew, that it's done.

I started crying so hard, my world was crashing down. You must be thinking, "Oh, she's exaggerating it. it's not a big deal.", but it was, it was a big deal for me. School, college, academics in general has always been an important thing for me. I've always wanted to study International Relations in that particular university, and those red colored words just crushed my dreams. I couldn't sleep that night. I didn't know what went wrong. According to all the teachers, my grades were more than okay, I could be accepted. No one knows what went wrong. Maybe it's because of me and my wishful thinking.

The Second Memory : "A Dauntless or A Careless Girl?"

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See, I was a 5 going on 6 years old, it was normal to be adventurous. Okay, don't judge me. I was a weird kid (still am, don't know why I used past tense). I liked to do everything differently from most kids. Including how I wanted to see the world. My sister, my housekeeper (she is only a few years older than us), and I liked to hang out by the rooftop each afternoon and just talked about life. My child self, thought it was amazing to see everything from up above. But I was still conscious of the consequences if I went to far. And one day, my curiosity took over. This was when everything went downhill.

I started to walk on some of the flat surface roof, well it wasn't really flat. Basically it's not the one that form the main triangle of the roof. And one of the roofs, was made out of plastic like material. I've always been a thicc girl and just didn't realize how much I weighed. So I stepped my foot on the roof, it couldn't take it ofc. Then I fell down and crashed the glass roof under it. Yeah, I know. It's like something out of an action movie when someone is being chased, and talking about movies, basically, I was a Dauntless before it was cool.

See you in the next post!