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Hope you're all doing great today ! Just to let you know, I have a few articles already planned for Christmas season, and I am doing (trying) Blogmas this year ! Exciting.
So ! Winter is here, and so is my almost monthly Lookbook ! It is definitely one of my favorite article to write, and I really hope it'll give you guys some inspiration to dress for the week. Enjoy.

This is actually my 100th article ! Wow, time goes by so fast ! Love you guys !

Look n° 1 → Monday

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Plaid blazers, plaid, blazers, and more plaid blazers! It is definitely one of the top trends of this year's Autumn/Winter fashion, and is better paired with a turtleneck sweater and soft nude colors such as white, maroon and beige.

Look n° 2 → Tuesday

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Ahhh, teddy bear coats, our saviors. This is what you need if you're constantly cold and don't want to overlay sweaters. It'll keep you warm all day long, with the advantage of being stylish and cute. You can pair it with a simple outfit, such as jeans and sweater/tee-shirt, as it is kind of a statement piece. But if you want to add a little spice to your fit, try more classy trousers, and never forget a belt.

Look n° 3 → Wednesday

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Snake has been coming back this year, and everyone's loving it ! If you want to have your take on this trend, try pants, or boots if you're a little more shy. Otherwise, for people who are bloder, you can totally fire it up with a python jacket, or even a dress ! (Of course, and please, do take faux python.)

Look n° 4 → Thursday

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Plaids everything. It is the biggest trend of the year, and let me tell you something, I live for it (especially the pattern in these four pics). You can wear it as pants, shirts, skirts, and basically anything, so that's what's great about it. Try to pair it with simple pieces and colors, as it is already so eye catching.

Look n° 5 → Friday

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The classic Clueless' Cher look, that everyone love. You can obviously choose to wear a pair of trousers instead of a skirt, but I really digg this look, as a huge Clueless fan ahah. Every pattern work, as long as it's matched, and paired with a good solid sweater/tee-shirt and a pair of boots.

Look n° 6 → Saturday

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Probably one of my favorite as well ! (Again, not real fur please please please.) Faux-fur jackets of course ! They're super trendy, super stylish, super soft, and super warm. They also come in a large panel of colors, which means there's one for everyone ! And it goes with everything as well : street looks, classy looks, baddie looks, even more "masculine" looks ! How perfect ?

Look n° 7 → Sunday

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Yes, sweaters and hoodies are a classic, but you can't deny it, they're always on trend, whether it is big eye catching hoodies, turtlenecks, knit, or fitting sweaters. You can basically pair them with anything and everything, and they're a must have for Winter.

Bonus → Accessories


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Heeled vinyl/suede boots are such on right now ! They come in a variety of colors, and they're all you need to spice up an outfit ! You can't forget about my favorites, platform Docs, which are just a piece of gold. They make you look higher, they're comfortable and will keep your feet warm, what more can you ask for ? And finally, dad shoes ! Who's surprised honestly ? They've been around for a little while, adn everyone's been wearing them, so they're a statement piece you can't forget about.


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Layering necklaces a chokers is what it is all about in the jewelry departement right now ! It's super pretty, and allows you to display your favorite ones on your neck. Statement earrings, and hoops are also a big trend, which makes your neck look longer, and gives you this chic baddie vibe that I live for.

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