Hello, my lovelies! Black Friday is around the corner so I decided to make a series. A lot of us are going to make the most out of all these discounts and re-build our wardrobe. It's easy to feel overwhelmed during Black Friday, there's a lot of people, a lot of cheap clothes... we tend to end up buying a lot of things we don't need or things we don't know how to style. Lucky you, I'm here to save the day and help you to start building the wardrobe of your dreams!

1. Be aware of your current situation & plan how to change it:

What does this mean? It's time to declutter! First of all, get rid of your old clothes. We all keep old clothes and say "It's old but it still looks good. One day I may need it". Don't act like you don't do it, I know you've been saying this for years. I don't blame you, sometimes I feel bad when I have to get rid of clothes. This also applies to new clothes we don't wear. If you haven't worn it this year, you're probably not going to wear it next year.

Decluttering your closet will help you find clothes you didn't even know you had! So if you find something you forgot you had but it's something you see yourself wearing, then keep it.

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Now that your closet is clean and emptier, it's time to think. What's your style? How do you want your wardrobe to look like?
Make decisions depending on your lifestyle. Let's say you're a business woman and you spend most of your week going to meetings and in your office. Logically, you will spend more money on "professional" clothing than sweatshirts, mom jeans, sneakers, crop tops, etc.
Analyze your lifestyle, if you're a student don't spend all of your money on clothes that you're only going to wear on weekends. Be smart and don't try to have the same wardrobe your favorite celebrity has, because even if you have the same fashion taste, you don't have the same lifestyle.

Check out my fashion collection for some inspiration <3

We got rid of clothes we didn't need, and we know what we need and want.

2. Let's start building our wardrobe:

Today we will start with the basics, it's important to have basic clothing pieces that we can style with everything.

- Basic tees

Black & white are essential. But you can also get some in gray and/or a nude color.

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Great for all fashion styles.

- Classy shirt (black, white or nude)

This will save you if you want to look put together and classy without doing too much. And you can wear it off the shoulder!

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-Sweatshirt & Sweater

Essential pieces for fall and winter. You can pair these with trousers and skirts, sneakers and heels.

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- Simple dress

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- Blue/black/white jeans

Jeans are perfect for every occasion and every season. Since we're only getting the basics I would suggest you to buy skinny jeans (if you like them obv) But mom jeans are a good option too, you can dress them up or down.

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- Wide leg pants

These were very trendy during the summer but you can still wear them. They look good with bralettes, off the shoulder shirts or sweatshirts.

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- Sweats/Joggers

For the lazy days!

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- Leather skirt & jean skirt

Very stylish and you can find them in a lot of different colors.

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- Denim jacket & biker jacket

Oversized, with prints, with embroidery... denim jackets never go out of style.
Get yourself a biker jacket and add it to your outfit, it doesn't matter if your outfit is casual or formal, it will look good!

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- Trench coat

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- Winter jacket/coat

You need a cute jacket that keeps you warm if you live in a cold country.

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Tomorrow we will see the basic footwear and jewelry that our wardrobe needs. Stay tuned!

Lots of love <3

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