HI there!
today I want to talk about: MOVIES!
who doesn't love an hot chocolate (or popo corn), some candels (or fairy lights), a warm blanket and a good movie?!
So here I am with the best movies to watch after a long and stressful day at work/school/uni

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  • Breakfast at Tiffany's
Breakfast at Tiffany's, audrey hepburn, and movie image audrey hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and vintage image Breakfast at Tiffany's and audrey hepburn image audrey hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and vintage image
This is one of my favourite movie, I love Audrey and her style, this romantic story is perfect if you want to believe in real love! The best way to watch it is drinking a chai tea, eating some cinnamon biscuits and lighting some scented candles in the room.
  • Barefoot in the park
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OK so THIS is my favourite movie ever so I could watch it once a day, but if you like soft, old movies that make you smile and think a lot about life, love, and growing up this is the one for you too! (I also love the 70s a lot so the style of Jane Fonda is amazing to me!)


  • One day
Image by Nada Sabry one day, beach, and movie image one day, movie, and jim sturgess image one day, love, and Anne Hathaway image
This romantic movie talks about two young lovers and their lives, how they meet each other, how they fall in love, and how they grow. It's really emotional, perfect if you wanna cry a little bit on the couch.
  • Like Crazy
hair, kiss, and kissing image love, couple, and bed image indie, laugh, and movie image love, couple, and like crazy image
Be preparated to cry every single tear with this movie, it's so deep and true; watch it with a warm drink and someone by your side to hug.


  • Sing
Inspiring Image on We Heart It animals, animation, and illumination image illumination, johnny, and sing image illumination and sing image
There's nothing funnier than an animation movie if you want to be a kid again! You can watch it with your family eating pop corn to forget the stressful day and laugh a lot!
  • The movie you always watch when you're sad
italy, aldo, and aldo giovanni e giacomo image Temporarily removed dress, icon, and sofia loren image ratatouille and disney image
It doesn't matter what's the movie, but it's fundamental that it makes you happy; it can be you're favourite film, a cartoon you saw as a kid, a silly movie with no sense or the one you saw for the first time with your bf or your bff and made you feel happy. For me "that" movie is Ratatouille (I want to be a Food Critic, so..) and some old italian films I used to watch with my mom on sunday mornings.


  • Sex and the city
girls, movie, and tv show image Temporarily removed alcohol, drink, and drunk image Temporarily removed
Take some friends, a bottle of Prosecco, a lot of junk food and a sheet mask; now you're ready to watch Sex and te city. Love, drama, friendship and lots of laughs are the keywords of this masterpiece! (it's not just a movie, it teaches how to love ourselves and how to achieve the right self consciousness)
  • Shopping movies
Clueless, alicia silverstone, and shopping image fashion, isla fisher, and movie image Clueless, clothes, and alicia silverstone image Image removed
the best way to feel beautiful and happy for me is watching movies where girls spend lots of money on clothes or do a complete restyling of theirselves. It makes me want to wash my hair, do my nails, have an hot bath and dress up to go outside more confident and strong. (The photos are from "Clueless" and "I love shopping")

here we are at the end of the article, hope you like it and feel free to tell me what's your favourite movie so I can try something new!!


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