Blush Girls

pink, aesthetic, and soft image pink, bed, and aesthetic image pink, aesthetic, and pastel image pink, rose, and flowers image
Angelic, Loves roses and rain, Polite but will fight you if you hurt their friends, Still lives in their childhood dreams, Shiny hair, Hopeless romantic, Owns a pair of overalls, Pastel aesthetic, Record players, Winged eyeliner, Knee high socks, Cute smile, Artist, Soft kisses, Warm hugs, Oversized jumpers, Lollipops

Rosewood Girls

pink, travel, and rose gold image pink, rose gold, and architecture image makeup, rose gold, and Brushes image bambi, facebook, and gold image
Loves makeup and darker lipstick shades, Intense eyes, Open minded, Not afraid to speak their mind, Likes airports and old films, Full glam, Sparkly dresses, High heels, Champagne, Always smiling, Dim lights, Classical music, Tanned skin, Dark eyes, Old books, Vintage bikes

Peach Girls

peach, aesthetic, and peachy image aesthetic, peach, and peach aesthetic image Temporarily removed peach, theme, and pink image
Sweet as a peach, Soft fluffy hair, Can cheer you up when you’re sad, Wants to have a flower garden with bees, Loves journals and yellow, Beautiful jewellery, High ponytails, Mascara, Suede boots, Trendy, Tall, Confident, Acrylic nails, Shopaholic, High grades, Probably instagram famous, Don’t mess with her

Coral Girls

book, aesthetic, and beige image art, beauty, and dress image aesthetic, blouse, and button image girl, hair, and tumblr image
Daydreams about their ideal future, Like clouds and new stationery, People pleaser, Good at art, Always happy to see you, Scented candles, Palm trees, Strawberry lemonade, Pool parties, Bikinis, Wavy hair, Oversized tops, Suntanned skin, Pedicures, Climbing trees, Always smiling, Fresh face, Freckles

Fuchsia Girls

pink image fuchsia image pink and architecture image Temporarily removed
Likes studio ghibli films and helping others, Sad a lot, Needs to stop procrastinating, Cute without knowing, Loves inspiration, Vivid dreams, Long hair, Bright eyes, Loves the ocean, Sings loudly, Pretty smile, Bubbles, Beautiful laughter, Collects seashells, Morning person, Summer, Anklets