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When people asked me how and why I started listening to K-pop, I usually tell them this. I would say I’m still fairly new to K-pop; I only really started listening to it in September of 2017. I was on a trip in New York with one of my best friends. She was showing me her playlist and she was like “Oh! You have to listen to this song, it’s by this K-pop group called GOT7.” Technically, I had never listened to K-pop (with the exception of the whole Psy phase in 2012) but I decided to give it a listen. I was pleasantly surprised! Even though I couldn’t understand most of the words, I really loved the beat and the tune. That first song was Never Ever by GOT7.

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This is why GOT7 is probably my favourite group, they’re the first group that really got me into K-pop.

As mentioned before, I was exposed to K-pop back in 2012 when the “Gangnam Style” phase was out and everyone knew about it.

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I was a little curious back then and I was watching it on YouTube. In the recommended videos, it was a link to Girls Generation’s “I Got a Boy”.

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I listened to that too and was thinking: “This is a little too much for my taste”. After the Psy phase died down, I didn’t listen to K-pop anymore.

A lot of people also ask me if I’m into anime, since I like k-pop. I tell them no all the time. People always tell me to start watching animes and I’m just like “I have no time”. Which is true! I have nothing against them at all! I just know I’ll get hooked once I start so it’s best if I just stay away. Same for k-dramas haha…

Anyway, once I got back from the trip and school started, I started looking up more k-pop and then my other friend started sending me videos of BTS. I also really liked their songs too, although the first video I watched of them was Blood, Sweat and Tears.

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This video made me slightly uncomfortable - being a first time watcher and not knowing much about k-pop.

So I just continued to listen to GOT7. It wasn’t until after BTS’s DNA comeback when I really started listening to them and their old songs.

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This was also around the time when they started to get bigger worldwide.

Now, I can say I am a complete fan of k-pop. I don’t like just one group, as many would say, I’m part of the multifandom. This past June, I went to the GOT7 concert in Toronto and in late September, I went to the BTS concert in Hamilton!

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I love k-pop because the artists are so interactive with their fans and they release comebacks several times a year. They also do so many promotions, which include starring in variety shows.

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