So, I saw an article somone wrote here, hearted it and now I think I will answer one of the points each day till christmas. I hope it will be interesting to read, but also helpful for me who writes it. Mabye I can understand more about myself? Thank you, you who wrote it (fishyfangirl) and you who reads this.

The first point is; My biggest struggle with loving myself.

So, why do I have a problem with loving myself. Don't we all though? For me it is difficult because I have so high goals, which put pressure on me. I cannot love myself if I do not do everything perfectly, flawlessly. Recently I have started to accept the way I look, but why is it more difficult to accept that everyting I do is good enough. Yes, you should always try your best and strive to become better, but how much better? Should I really have to have the best grade or be the best in everything before I love and is happy with what I have done? How much should one actually strive to be better? It is hard. I cannot love myself since I still make mistakes and since everyting I do is not perfect.

But, should I have to be the best to love myself? I mean, no one is perfect, right? I know that, but for some reason that does not comply to me. I think I can work my way up to perfection, and that perfection is the only thing that will make me love myself. Does that even make sense? Well, for the last year I worked so hard to come closer to perfection, but it ruined my life. Honestly. I know that and I do not want to strive for perfection, I want to be happy with everything I do no matter if it is perfect or not, but I cannot. My mind is still set on perfection, while my heart is not. Why can I not love something, myself, until it is perfect?

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- Ronja K
Thank you for reading!