Those tips are supposed to inspire you, if you feel like your home isn't cozy enough and you have no clue what you can change. Especially if you have small rooms!

the Bathroom

Get a bathtub tablet! You can read or watch movies and drink hot chocolate while having a bath - kinda luxurious!

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Buy cute jars where you can store your utensils - that can look very decorative.

the Kitchen

In my opinion, wooden elements can make a room a lot more comfortable. That works well in every room.

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Get a shelf where you can store your herbs. That can look pretty good. Pretty lamps can make a huge different too.

the Living Room and the Bedroom

Beautiful pictures and photographs, especially from friends and family bring some individuality into the room. Choose decoration that you really like. Get yourself some cute pillows and a basket where you can store blankets.

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Bring some colour in your home! Make it your own.

Top 5 Accessoires for a cozy home!

  • Books
  • Plants
  • Fairy Lights
  • Photographs
  • Candles
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I hope you enjoyed this Article and got inspired!

xx Linda

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