I don't know what to do, like always, so I'll try to write this, even no one asked me :)
So let's start babyyy

My natural hair:

Image by Peter_Pan girl, hair, and nature image girl, hair, and autumn image braid, hair, and aesthetic image
The first one is most similar: they are wavy and red at the same way and I always tie my hair like that.

The color of my eyes:

art, beauty, and brown eyes image eye, hazel, and light image
They are just brown and I usually don't make up.

Where I am from:

aesthetic, alternative, and amazing image lake, nature, and Swan image Temporarily removed Image removed
My beloved Rome.

Language I speak:

daisy, frasi, and italiano image french, je t'aime, and love image after forever, book, and deutsch image book and norwegian image
My language is Italian, I'd like to speak French and German and I want to know the Norwegian at all costs. I also study Latin and ancient Greek at school, but I don't really like them.


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I'm always changing, so maybe in a few days I will hate that.

Mountain or Sea:

nature, mountains, and flowers image nature, forest, and green image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

Where would I like to go:

garden, architecture, and austria image purple, aesthetic, and white image aesthetic and photography image paris and city image
Vienna, Norway and Paris.