Welcome to my first article! I wish you all the best for the 2019 - love, happiness, health, success and many adventure!

Although it's only November, I'm going to share my best moments I had the chance to experience in 2018!

Met my soul mate

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On April 14th 2018, I got a message on twitter from a boy. I have never searched for a relationship and I never thought that from one message we would end up like we are. Although he is my first everything: boyfriend and love, I am so sure that he is my soul mate and I am so in love with him. Never have I ever felt so happy than I do now he is in my life. On the 24th of June, he asked me to be his girlfriend.

First Year

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This year I managed to pass all 12 modules that I had to take in first year of BSc Psychology. That included 7 assessments and 5 exams.

Moved in with my friends for second year

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For my first year at uni I decided to live at home and commute but in November 2017, me and 3 others who are on my course signed for an apartment for this year. The first night we had one big catch up from 7pm until 3am. We signed the contract again for next year too.

20th Birthday

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My boyfriend paid for us to have a weekend away and it was the best birthday I have had, even if I did get way too drunk to remember Saturday night...


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The last time I went on holiday was with my family in 2008. This year I went to Portugal.


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This year I went to three Manchester United football games, two with my dad and brother (both wins) and one with my boyfriend and his friends (draw). The day I went with my boyfriend and friends was the day I officially came out of my shell completely with him and honestly we have been even better since.

Memories overall
I have many amazing memories with my family, boyfriend and friends this year and I can't wait for many more amazing memories in 2019.

So, these were some of my best memories of 2018 - there's many more!

I want to start writing articles (about anything) please feel free to let me know if you want a specific one.

- Jordan R