It is Wednesday, afternoon.
12:22 PM. I made a mix-tape of beautiful acoustic songs. The type of songs that need a car ride in the middle of the night so they can fit.
Songs that make you doubt whether you're in love, sad, or just lonely..
because everything feels so smooth and blue..
And the sun doesn't care that it's not irritating my skin.
I searched for classic literature quotes on weheartit. And i can recognize each one of them..
This makes me wanna hold Shakespeare's hand and tell him to write about the pain you left me..
I would have set on the floor next to his desk, crying..
Trying to put my feelings into half sentences.
It's 1;03 PM, I am listening to songs that i have never heard before.
and somehow, i can identify with each one of them..
Two things can fuck a heart up,
falling in love, and art.
And i got involved in both.
By falling for you, i was art..
And by knowing art, i knew how to love you..
But by the end of the playlist,
and when Shakespeare finished his poem in my head,
you were far gone..
You were far gone with your guitar,
repeating the verse from a modern poetry book that you hated few days ago.