Ever wondered how to make the most of the last month of the year while also getting into the Christmas spirit? Well here are some activities to try out ♡

ice skating

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it's a great activity to do with your friends especially if afterwards you then go and get a hot chocolate. It also acts as stress relief if lately, before the holidays you've been under a lot of stress from work/school.

watching christmas movies

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It's a Wonderful Life // Miracle on 34th Street

watching classics warms everyone's heart at this time of the year, or just watching movies in general under a cozy blanket gives you that feeling of Christmas. Even better if it's snowing outside!


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cinnamon rolls are heaven

Here you can find a quick and easy recipe

reading season inspiring books

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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
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The Book Thief
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Little Women
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A Christmas Carol
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The Golden Compass

holiday music

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These are great albums to get you started:

  • Michael Bublé - Christmas
  • Frank Sinatra - A Jolly Christmas form Frank Sinatra
  • Harry Connick Jr - What a Night! A Christmas Album
  • Dean Martin - The Dean Martin Christmas Album

That's it! Hope you enjoyed it!

Thank you for reading ♡