Hi there!
Today I want to share with you my favourite outfits inspo for fall/winter by colour, enjoy!!

Red details

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It can be a red bag, a red piece of clohing, red lips or nails; With a touch of this bright colour everything looks more elegant and sophisticated.

Total White

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White is the purest colour, it reminds me of the snow in December. A total white look it's as professional as a total black one, but don't wear white pants if you have to take the subway or the bus ;)

Grey tones

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Grey is one of my favourite colours, it's so sober and chic, it goes with everything (nudes, bw, jeans and brigt colours too) so you can't go wrong wearing it! (and it's super on trend rn)

Nude and brown

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there's nothing better than a nude or brown cardigan stolen from my dad's closet to feel warm and cozy in front the fire at night. I obviously wear it a lot outside, I like to style this color with a basic white tee or with another brown piece (nude+brown+gold details = CLASSY!!)

Here we are at the end of the article, hope you liked it!!