Hey, beautiful I'm going to answer a series of questions.

I saw this challenge for the first time in the profile of @isa_martins_campos
Let's do this. :)

1.What's your zodiac sign?

virgo, zodiac, and astrology image virgo, zodiac, and astrology image
I am very proud to be a virgo. Bc it's Perfectionist, Kind, Efficient and a boss.

2.Where would you go if you could travel anywhere?

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Monaco & Dubai

3.Which celebrity do you look up to?

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Alicia Keys. Bc, she' s an example of natural beauty and she's a beautiful example of feminism.

4.What's your guilty pleasure?

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I Buy a lot of clothes and shoes. There are some clothes that I never wear, but the fact that it's mine gives me a lot of pleasure.

5.Are you a mountain or sea person?

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I have never been to the mountains, so I will choose the beach.

6.Which song always cheers you up?

Temporarily removed call me maybe, carly rae jepsen, and song image
Call Me Maybe 4ever & ever. It's an anthem of happiness.

7.Is there a fantasy world you would like to live in? If so, which one?

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8.What is your lucky number?

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9.If you could choose one element for bending, which would it be?

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10.What is the one thing you can't live without?

Image by aline Image by Bi 🖤

11.What's your favorite sad song?

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Nothing Like Us - Justin Bieber

12.Which app are you addicted to?

social app, social media, and insatgram image Image by payton
Instagram & Oc, We<3It

13.Are you a morning or an evening person?

enjoy, lil, and morning image girl, bed, and morning image
Morning. I like to do all my activities as early as I can.

14.Who's your favorite YouTuber?

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Luisito Comunica (Mexican Youtuber)

15.If you could switch your life with someone for one day, who would it be?

Image by Jéssica Cristina girl, model, and relax image
Hailey Bieber, guuuurrrl.

16.What's your favorite color?

wallpaper, background, and pattern image Couture, dress, and fashion image
Black & Gold

17.What's a random interest or passion of yours?

flowers, vintage, and aesthetic image grunge, life, and lit image
Write stories.

18.Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?

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Sunrise, bc the sky is free of pollution.

19.What's your favorite swear word?

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20.If you could ask your future self one question, what would it be?

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Did you travel to all those places you wanted to go?

And those were all the questions.
I hope you liked it
See you in another post.