Tiny sparkling eyes
Brows bushy well-defined
Lips and cheeks so red that shines
That's what you are, when you were mine

Happy heart and stomach too
All our smiles were pure and true
We didn't care what others think
For our love was strong it'll never sink

You came out of nowhere and found me
Surprising as it may be
I never even thought that you exist
But I'm sure it's you I wanted to risk

Time is gold and so are you
We had each other, in joys and blues
We promised forever on the seventh
But you came back so different

Promises were broken and so are we
Yet happy in pictures to let them see
So bothered to what they'll say
Even if it hurts, we chose to stay

What was love after all the pain?
Tear are falling down with rain
What was left for both of us?
Love and trust began to rust

it hurts so bad we have to let go
That's the only way for us to grow
We need to heal what was broken
Let's give it to ourselves as a token

Now you're happy not being mine
While here I am trying to be fine
God gave me you as a test
I need to pass so I can rest

I can't unloved you, just love you less
Even at your worst you're still the best
I will always remember that I used to call you mine
Thank you love for spending some time.