Hi everyone! I'm posting autumn themed articles every Monday and Saturday up until the beginning of December! I hope you enjoy these articles as much as I love making them. Sending positve vibes everywhere around the world. Love you all! x


November is one of the busy fall months that stress you out. Thanksgiving is on its way, you wanna go Christmas shopping Black Friday, and overall the weather is getting colder so you need to buy more sweaters. There's spontaneous planning for the upcoming holidays, and furthermore all of your friends want to hang with you before they go out of town over Christmas Vacation.

It's like you can't catch a break!

But you can... ๐Ÿ˜


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Now before you tell me that this is impossible, I get it---we all have priorities. However, if you have the chance to check your calendar or daily schedule, feel free to find a day where you can save yourself a few hours to focus on you. Don't feel selfish; remember, everyone deserves some time to themselves. If we didn't give ourselves some "me-time", we'd end up more stressed, anxious, and slower than we were before. It's always important to find time in your week to recharge, relax, and revise yourself. **Keep in mind the 3 Rs**

That being said, here's a few things you can do during your me-time:

1. Make a cup of coffee / tea โ˜•๏ธ
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Relax, Recharge

I recommend a cup of coffee if you're taking a break in the early afternoon, but if you're going to make something in the evening or late at night, tea is a more healthier option. You need something like jasmine, decaffeinated Earl Gray, camomile, or green tea. These are herbal teas that will relax your nerves and keep you focused on your mini-activities without the stress.

2. Read ๐Ÿ“–
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Whether you like litreature, poetry, magazines, or articles in the newspaper that aren't too controversial (hehe), try and find something that can help your imagination. I wouldn't recommend reading stuff on social media, as it can easily make you feel more down and left out. The news is also something I wouldn't recommend, as it winds you up more than it keeps you calm. Definitely try reading something that keeps you in-tune, and a bit more relieved from your day.

3. Take A Bubble Bath!
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Relax, Recharge

Remember when you were little and you played with the bubbles whenever they started overflowing the tub? Yeah, I do too. Believe it or not, bubble baths relax you physically, by relaxing your muscles and bones. I would try and find bubbles that have a scent to them (unless you have problems with allergies, then you should avoid that), so it can make your experience more enjoyable. Feel free to have a glass of wine or something sparkly on the side. Focus on the feeling of the water along your skin, and nothing else.

4. Write It Out ๐Ÿ“
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I cannot express to you how writing can help someone. It allows you to reflect on your day, and it gets all the emotional tension out of your system. For me, writing one good thing that happened that day helps me remember something positive. Since then, it's helped me fall asleep at night a lot quicker than I was able to before. Writing also allows you to learn a lot of life lessons, and more about yourself. You may realize that if you write a lot of your emotions or daily activities, you'll be able to spot thing about you that you didn't even recognize before. It sounds weird at first, but it's worth a try!

5. Yoga/Meditation ๐Ÿง˜๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ
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Revise, Recharge

I would've put this under the category of relaxation, but yoga is more of a mental activity than it is physical. A lot of people who do yoga often focus on themselves, and their self-awareness (not in a selfish way, of course). In a way, people also revise themselves because yoga is a social activity. Many people who do yoga together talk about their daily activities, plans, and events that've already happened to them. People are often given suggestions of how to be more calm, focused, and energized. However, since this is about doing it alone, I suggest going over your day whenever you're doing yoga. Think of what you can do in the future, and think of how you're going to approach that. Yoga's offering of a tranquil mindset will certainly help out.

6. Take A Drive / Walk
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If you guys need to find something that can most certainly recharge you, it's taking a drive, and then going for a walk. Adventuring out of the city and into nature is one of the best things you can do. Whenever I take drives, I listen to music and take a look at the scenery outside. If I have a time to pull over and just stare, I feel like I'm connecting with the Earth and its various ecosystems. It keeps me grounded, and more appreciative of what I have around me. In such a way, I become more stress-relieved, open-minded, and refreshed.

7. Sleep ๐Ÿ˜ด
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Relax, Recharge, Revise

Ah, sleep---the most important tool for man and women and everyone who's basically human. While there are people who rarely get more than 2 hours of sleep, eight hours of sleep a night is the healthiest for an adult. If you have trouble sleeping, please consult a doctor; it's unhealthy for someone to pull all-nighters or to fall asleep on and off during the day. Make sure that when you sleep, you breathe through your nose, and not your mouth. Take an allergy pill if you need to, or something that can calm your down before. (DO NOT OVERDOSE ON PAIN KILLERS OR PERSCRIPTION DRUGS, PLEASE!) Most importantly, make sure you're in a position that's comfortable for you. That helps so much, lmao


Thank you guys so much for reading these fall-themed articles. Unfortuntaely, I won't be able to do them on the last week of November. However, I do have something planned for over the holiday season ๐Ÿค”. Anyways, I appreciate all of the love and support. Keep up the positive vibes and I'll see you guys soon! ILY and enjoy your Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it, of course)


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