I am just going to clarify that I am going to be talking about MY Self Care Struggles.

Let us start off with diet: /to thin/ to fat/

I hate looking at my body, I look fat for my age. I look into the mirror and want to change.
But lets speak the truth... I don't put in effort to change.
I say the night before I am going to drink more water before meals.. or maybe, I could only eat lots of protein and veggies. I lose it after 1 day.

And you know I think.. "hey I have willpower....why not us it? but what if I don't know how to use it and be stronger and say no" but this time I am willing to stick to it and build my willpower To be stronger and say no. I WANT to see a change.

Now next, my feelings and where my mind is right now: /sad/happy/I don't know/
I am in the state of mind where I am happy and then the next I don't know what I feel. its not anxiety or depression... I just don't know.

I want to shout to someone all my feelings but what would I say?

Cause I do not know.
What would I say..
So now I am trying to change that and actually identify those feelings I am feeling. I WANT to change the way I think.

MY tips I want to follow and maybe you guys will maybe like.

I am going to listen to podcasts in the morning before I get up.
I want workout in the morning.
I drinking more water.
I want to be more with god and I know that sounds tooooo religious but listen to more religious music.

that's all I got. so I hope you guys like that.

I did write this myself and that picture is not mine!!!!!

so I hope you guys liked it... xo next time I also will be trying to update every month.

Next time babes. <3