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I recently went to Pretoria, the capital of South Africa.

You wonder what to do there? Have you ever visited there?

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1. Visit Pretoria Square

Pretoria Square is the center of Pretoria West, East, North, and South. There is the history of South Africa. You can visit the museum or the Church Square. You can take the best pictures here.

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2. Visit the Zoo

You have to see the Big 5 in South Africa. going to the zoo is a priority. Animals are precious and they're very interesting to look at. I recently saw Lions and Zebras and took a picture with them

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3. Go To Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square

You need to go shopping for something isn't? Sandton City has most stores that you can find. Then Nelson Mandela Square is just outside the mall. You can take pictures with Nelson Mandela.

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4. Go, Bowling

You can find the most biggest bowling center in Africa. There is high competition and you can meet friends here.

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5. Try their quarter

This is their traditional food with Archer. Archer is a spice. It is very good to taste.

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