To you,
I wanted to write what I felt and why I feel the way I do. I have probably wrote this so many times in my head that now it should come out rather simply. We had great times, I laughed as we capture moments of pure joy and happiness. Somewhere along the way though I found you did not feel the same. You thought things I said were annoying. You thought I was too selfish, even though I always tried to be there for you. You never asked me about me, or how I was doing but I knew you were stressed and depressed in an instant.
I discovered the things you said publicly to the world on a screen that fits in my hand. I cried.... I did. I wanted to confront you, in fact I typed out a very long message, to which you could see me typing. It was so long that it would take forever to send. I deleted it. I disappeared from you and in those trying times of trying to let you go do what was best for myself, not once did you reach out to me. Not once did you say didn't disappear, you just were never there to begin with.

It is hard getting over you but I see now that all the laughter was just me laughing. All the conversations were saved in your head for further ammunition. You hated the way I acted but did not ever ask me to stop or even talk to me about it.
So I wanted to say, goodbye. I wish no harm comes to you and that you go in good health. But, I will not be going with you anymore.I took a different road, flipped the page. I won't let your negativity upset me anymore. I will fix myself. I will better myself and I hope you do too. So I am not mad anymore. I am still a bit sad but it disappears ever day as I continue to walk farther and farther away from you. I hope you enjoy that view.