Dear 15 year old me

First of all, I want to tell you that you re doing fine, actually you’re doing great! The concerns you have about the future is natural and they are not going to go away. But on the bright side, everyone has them, it’s a part of growing up and getting older.

I want to tell you that who you are right now is okay. Be proud of your Justin Bieber obsession, you’ll soon learn how much that obsession learned you about communities and life in genially. Don’t be ashamed of your dyslexia, just know that it’s your weakness and you’ll grow out of the problems, that comes with, it in no time. And the fact that football is the only thing you really can decide on right now, will get you to make one of your younger life best decisions. What I’m trying to tell you is that who are now is who you're supposed to be.

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And now I’ll let you in on a little secret. At the beginning of your twenties, most of your friends will be diagnosed with some kind of mental disorder. Your carefree way of life, that you have now, and doubting so much, keep that for as long as you can because the moment you lose that, you’ll be a target. No matter what the people around you do, don’t grow up too fast, because you’ll end up losing it. And when I say “it” I mean your life at the beginning of your twenties. I can tell you, it pretty fun. I think the key is the mentality. You’re doing so great now because when you set your head after something, you are an amazing go-getter above all others, but on the other side, you know that life is about having fun and not everything is worth risking the fun for. Keep up that, it’s amazing work.

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And to all the other young girls reading this, I know that your worries about grades, friends and a lot of other things, but just remember not everything is worth risking the fun for. Take it from someone who takes pretty easy on life, and today studies her master on one of the best universities in my country, has a lot of friends, a good job and a bright future - do what you like, do what you think is fun. I’m not saying that you don’t need an education, you do - but worry less about grades and which education, and more about the fun in life

One last thing to my 15-year-old self - mom is 99% of the time, right, don’t be so hard at her and especially don’t take her for granted.

So here’s to all the young girls worrying about the future - I promise you, it will be okay as long as you remember the enjoyment in life.
xoxo G

This article was written by @yesiamgry on the We Heart It Writers Team.