There are things in this life that we take for granted; sometime’s it is small things others’ do that we take for granted and overlook. Over time, a lot of people have asked me how do they know they have someone worth fighting for. Unfortunately, I can’t tell anyone that answer, I can’t tell anyone whether they have their soulmate… All I can do is provide some of the small things in this life that may let you know when you have a keeper/someone that is worth the time and effort of the relationship.

Everybody will say that his eyes gleam brighter than the night sky when he looks at you, but you will be able to feel your own eyes shining radiantly as you glance over him with a smile curving on the corner of your own lips.

When the sound of him singing along to his favorite songs is your favorite melody.

When he wants to know things about you and not just the good things. He genuinely wants to know who you are as a person and what settles deep down inside you. He wants to know about the good times and the bad.

The way he says your name should cause you to feel a sense of clarity.

He doesn’t care when you steal pieces of his food or take sips of his drink because you like his better.

He’s playful and will banter with you while holding this Cheshire grin spread across his lips.

He’ll play your favorite band in the car with the windows down and the radio loud without giving a damn on who may see him singing along with you.

He notices little details about you, some details that you didn’t even notice about yourself. Like the way you tap your fingers along to the beat of the music, or the way you pull at your sleeve when you get nervous.

He’s not afraid to tell you when you’re being a pain in the backend. And mean every word with love.

He makes it known he guards you with his own life. You know this by the way he moves you so you aren't walking closest to the road and by the way he is protective but not overly protective.

He feels like a summer daze and a warm cup of coffee.

He knows how you take your coffee and how you take your alcohol— he knows which one to give you at a given time.

He knows how to annoy you in the most loving way possible.

He keeps you grounded and level-headed in the same manner you do him too.

He motivates you to keep moving forward with everything that you do. Whether it be encouragement with a new project or simply helps out with a said project to keep you moving forward.

He doesn’t offer you his jacket because it’s expected when it’s cold, but because he wants to.

There aren't always perfect days, there are days the two of you will fight, but at the end of the day, the two of you grow together.

He is proud of your accomplishments and holds you through the downfalls.

He never stops trying; never stops loving you. He doesn't stop trying when he knows he has you, he keeps doing the things he did to win you over in the first place.

He will take you to one of your favorite restaurants even if he hates the food.

He can compromise. Trust me, you want someone who knows how to compromise. Relationships are a give and take sort of thing, both need to know how to compromise for each other.

He loves his mother more than anything and treats all the women in his family respectfully-- how a man treats the women in his family, is an indication of how he will treat you.

He knows the importance of saying the things that need to be said because he knows that tomorrow isn’t always promised.

He knows how to make you smile even on your gloomy days.

He understands the person you are when you're stripped down to your core, he sees you at your worst and he sees you at your best, and he still thinks that you are one of the most wonderful people he has met.

He doesn't care that your hair isn't always perfect or that you don't have makeup on all the time. He doesn't care whether you're in sweatpants or jeans, all he cares about is who you are as a person.

He sees the better in you even when you don't see it in yourself.

Most of all, at the end of the day, the two of you know that neither of you is perfect, and that is okay. When two people can accept each other with their flaws and weaknesses and still love each other, then I'd say they are definitely worth the time and effort put into the relationship.

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This article was written by @nataliporzia on the We Heart It Writers Team