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As many of you already know, at the moment I’m on exchange in Bulgaria. It’s been an interesting experience for me, because Bulgaria is so different than the Netherlands. However, I do think Sofia is worth a visit


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There’s one pedestrian street and there are loads of cute restaurants and bars. Clubs are also nearby and spread everywhere over Sofia! When you come to Sofia or anywhere in Bulgaria for the first time; you will notice that it is way cheaper than anywhere else. It means that we can eat twice as much for the same price you pay in your home town 😊


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During most of the seasons there is a lift to the Vitosha Mountains which are just in the outskirts of Sofia. You can take the bus or a taxi to the lift and from there it will bring you to the mountains. From there the sight is already incredible, but if you are really eager to see more; you can hike around or even hike towards the peak of the mountain! This is just for the die-hards among us, because it is a really intensive hike.


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Not only the boulevard and the mountains are worth a visit, but there are many Orthodox Churches and other buildings that are worth to see. The most visited Cathedral in Sofia is the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral; you can even go inside and look around the beautiful wall art. Besides walking around and seeing many beautiful buildings, there are also many museums that are nice to see. I have to warn you, that the museums in Bulgaria are really different from other museums from other countries.


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After all the beautiful buildings and visiting museums, you can also visit a lot of monasteries close to Sofia. These are or still active or used as a touristic place to visit. To visit one is definitely a must, because it is so beautiful to see and most of the times it is close to the mountains as well, so you can have a hike if you’d like to.

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Short conclusion, Sofia is a nice city to visit at least once. You also only need one or two days to see the whole city. Just a side note: Bulgaria was part of communism not a long time ago, so you can expect that the city still has a lot of communistic architecture, which could be quite shocking in the beginning.

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