It Started with hate at the first sight
Followed by sharing the same interests
Growing up to a loving friendship
We never thought we become friends
We never thought to get this close
I never thought, I will miss you that much
When we broke up

Missing isn’t the right word
I feel incomplete without you
like a book without pages
A song without lyrics
A heart without blood
Yea, you were my all
and now you gone

It gets cold,
On the hot summer day
so cold without you
Snow is falling, lovely
cover my heart slowly
Let me forget this pain for a while

I am fine.
still smile when I think about the past
While tears are running over my face
our friendship extinguished like a shooting star that enters the atmosphere
So beautiful and painful at the same time

But you let me go like a ballon
Walking away while i rise up to the sky
Seeing how you slowly replaced me
Because You unloved my color
And while you get a new fave one
I ran out of air


I never thought we will end like this
Looking into eatchothers eyes, without saying anything
Where ones were love and happiness
Are only disappointmnet and pain left
These suppressed feelings in my stomach
Will always stay, not as you

It gets cold here
So cold without you
I start freezing
Waiting for the next sun
To melt this frozen heart again

model, Behati Prinsloo, and Lily Aldridge image
  • Hey my Dears,
  • this is a song, or a story I wanted to share with you about the lost of a deep friendship.
  • me and my friend were 6 years close as sister after she left me
  • I tried to get over the pain with writing this song and I know I am not the only one who use a friend so I thought to share it with you
  • feel free to direct me or critize me or just. tell me you story.
  • about honest opinion I would be really happy!
  • You are not alone, I am here and will listen
  • until then...

with love...

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