Hello dear, I wish I could say to you what you wanted to hear but here are some pretty bad news...

I've failed you, yup I pretty much did so.

I know you wanted to be an artist, a painter, a writer or even a musician, I know how badly you wished to be one of those, or maybe the three of them, all at the same time, cause for you there were no barriers, nothing was ever imposible to your little hazel eyes.

Sadly, I made the wrong choice, I choose to study something that would brought our parents joy, I wanted them to be happy for us so badly that I forgot to think about us, about our dreams and goals.

I forgot, I screwed up.

Now I'm studying medicine, I don't like it, I try to love it, I try to make myself happy while studying it, but it feels so bad, as if a part of me were dying, as if I never would be happy.

And for that I'm sorry little me, I didn't make your wishes come true, I didn't think in your happiness, I didn't think in how fragile our heart was.

Someone told me once that our indecision and exagerated sensibility would be our doom, and that person was right, I should have chosen better, I shouldn't let them change me, but I did.

I gave up, i didn't fight back, I didn't try to follow what I wanted to do.

I'm really sorry, I wish I could change things, wish there was some time machine just to make you smile once again, God I wish I could see you smile once more.