⚡️⚡️~ Basics ~

Name: Skylar Sava

shoes, art, and nike image sky, aesthetic, and clouds image aesthetic, greek, and mythology image Greece and aesthetic image

Godly Parent: Zeus

clouds, sky, and aesthetic image Image by иσяℓєиα. statue, art, and sculpture image Greece and aesthetic image

⚡️⚡️~ Appearance ~

style, earrings, and jewelry image Image by tenderlygirl six of crows, inej ghafa, and leight bardugo image blue, eyes, and eye image

⚡️⚡️~ Originally from ~

just go, doyouwantthis, and city explore image city, light, and madrid image family, mom, and daughter image building, madrid, and place image
Madrid, Spain with her mom, Victoria Sava

⚡️⚡️~ Style ~

aesthetic, artistic, and flower image pérolas image fashion, shoes, and flowers image fashion, aesthetic, and dress image

⚡️⚡️~ Weapon ~

bracelet, choker, and crown image knife, aesthetic, and fantasy image
a bracelet (given to her by her dad) that will give her any weapon she may need

⚡️⚡️~ Hobbies ~

Temporarily removed camera image book, travel, and map image art, aesthetic, and face image

⚡️⚡️~ Relationships ~

boy, holy fuck, and model image girl, beauty, and freckles image
half-siblings; Jason & Thalia Grace, children of Zeus
boy, pale, and skin image purple, Jonghyun, and SHINee image
best friend; Nico Di Angelo, son of hades
mirror, gold, and aesthetic image blue, girl, and aesthetic image
best friend; Belle Amora, daughter of Aphrodite
model, boy, and tumblr image art, art studio, and artwork image
best friend; Leo Valdez, son of Hephaestus
dance and art image makeup, skin, and asian model image
best friend; Olympia Calis, daughter of Apollo
boy, guy, and handsome image art, arts, and body image
boyfriend; Alexander Calis, son of Apollo