I walked into my new room and my two roommates were already organizing their things. "Hi...I'm Oona," I said.

One of them walked over and extended her hand. "Emerson," she smiled. I shook her hand and smiled.

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The other girl didn't even turn to look at me.

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"That's Devon. We're sisters. She's a bit rude," Emerson said, walking back over to her side of the room. "Nice to meet you both," I said, dropping my bags down on my bed. I would've been rooming with Lizzie, but she didn't want to room with me.

Devon raised the music louder and started dancing around the room. This should be an interesting set up. I told mom that I'm definitely staying here no matter what. I hope I don't regret those words. I wonder what Astrid and Callie are up to. Hopefully I can run into them at some point.