Never satisfied

heart, pink, and neon image excitement, quote, and quotes image

Thinks she's a role model and loves giving advice

advise, black and white, and books image mad, opinion, and truth image

Shamelessly arrogant, but what's wrong with that?

Prada, nada, and quotes image branding, hotels, and places image

Art, culture, and politics

brown, culture, and definition image cafe, cool, and fashion image
Cultivate yourself

Inner beauty needs no artifice

girl, beauty, and makeup image lip, lipstick, and make up image
(but red lipstick never hurts)

Paranoia verging on megalomania

arctic, Dream, and fantasy image simpsons, lisa, and the simpsons image
Unquenchable thirst for subjects of dismay

Never crosses street where she's supposed to

Image removed fashion, style, and outfit image
Says it's her rebellious side

Poor taste is worse than poor diplomacy

addiction, black and white, and cigarette image swear, jar, and aesthetic image

Always wears sunglasses, even when it rains

girl, black and white, and sunglasses image accessories, chic, and drink image