Name: Rey Jones

Age: 25


Rey was born in 1922. She lived a normal life in Brooklyn with her two best friends, Steve and Bucky, at least until the boys left for war and she was left alone. When they didn’t return, she was heartbroken but eventually moved on.
In 1956, it was believed that Rey was killed in a robbery, when in reality, she was abducted by Hydra. Hydra has abducted her in order to break James Barnes into the Winter Soldier because he was not giving in but fighting back. Hydra believed that torturing one of his loved ones, he'd break. And so he did.
After Hydra successfully brainwashed Barnes into a weapon, they decided to keep Rey nearby just in case Barnes would surface from behind the Winter Soldier. So Hydra decided to freeze Rey.
When the Winter Soldier was turning back into James Barnes, Hydra unfroze Rey and put her in a medical coma, ready to be used to hurt Barnes. Unfortunately, Barnes never returned to the facility where Hydra was keeping Rey, so he never found her.
In the same facility where Hydra was keeping Rey, there was an experiment lab, similar to where they kept the Maximoff twins. The lab blew up, giving Rey powers.
After a couple of years finding herself again, Rey returned to New York and found the Avengers, including her two lost friends from Brooklyn.


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long brown hair, brown eyes, muscular body, relaxed way of dressing


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sarcastic as heck, nerd, adventurous

Best friend

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shuri and wanda

Love Interest

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rey and bucky barnes have had a crush on each other since they were little kids


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immunity to all toxins and poisons, ability to manipulate the four elements