To me...

The Parent Trap

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I've really liked this movie, a lot since I was a child, it has always been a classic for me. It's funny, and it has a great plot. The twins are extroverted and immerse themselves in a game of exchanges. The roles of adults are the funniest for me.

miss congeniality

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It was like my favorite movie even when i was like a baby, even when i didn't understand it. But Sandra it's one of my favorites actress in the whole world. Even if i didn't understand it, i liked

Edward Scissorhands

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Just because. Tim did a great work with this. I love the story. I cried, but i liked.

Just Go With It

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omg, this is THE movie, it's so fun, the repart, the story. Everything with this movie its, wow. Amazing

50 First Dates

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omg, i cried and laugh a lot with this film. I know, its another by Adam, but he is amazing. And his project are very, very great. One of my favorites.

oceans 8

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when i heard, for first time bout this. I was like: what that hell! Riri, Anne Hathaway, Sandra and Helena Bonham Carter. I shout so high. I loved it.

the devil wears prada

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oh,yeah. The bitch boss and the lucky girl. It's just all. Annie and Mary. A work of art, sure.

alice in wonderland

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i've been loving this movie for all my life. The Mad Hatter, the cat, the bunny, Haigha and the Red Queen. They're the reason of my love for this fantasy film.

Dark Shadows

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funny, dramatic and dark. Just Johnny can do that

Mamma Mia. Here we go again!

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one of the best musical movies. The soundtrack and the story behind everything. It's definitely everything.

High School Musical

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the love of my life. Thanks this beauty film i love music and i love english. This is not my language. But i start to loved when i was young, because this film.
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thanks for read n watch