i don't know why i am doing this but i'm going to share some random things with you from now on.

you know when it's like 11pm and you're home alone and the whole world is yours:
you are the dancing queen, young and sweet only 17
you look at yourself in the mirror thinking "damn, i'm hot,,, let's wear something cute tomorrow"
then opening your closet and picking out a nice turtle neck, some skinny jeans - still casual - and thEn your new coat - so warm and comfy and fashionable - so far so good - you search for the finishing touches in your jewelry box (that you apparently never open even though it's overfilled) and choose 3 necklaces to layer on....

the next morning you see yourself in the mirror :

a hot mess with three chains hanging from your neck and a weird color combination.
you're thinking about changing some parts of the outfit but it's too late and you have to go now..

Walking on the street but you feel like people are looking at you, either judging your fashion sense or admiring your cuteness.
you choose scenario one.

the necklaces are to bright and give your skin colour into a sick-ish undertone, the jeans are too tight, your reflection on a window looks like a closet with feet and hair...

some days are like this i hope i'm not alone but other days i shine like a supernova.
well i hope so

short story by me.