You talked to me like I exist. You treated me as a best friend and you were my seat partner in French. I feel like a creep when I sneak glances to see your face. You were the cliche blonde with blue eyes. But I love that. You became my silly crush for three years. You always pick me to read which I hate, but I guess you motivated me to be confident.

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You were too nice to me that I begin to fall in love with you. Why did your smile charm me? I think I was too naive and innocent when I believed we could have more. You talked to other girls and made me think you were taken. So I brushed it off and just be friends with you.

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The next thing I knew, you were in French 2 with me again. We laughed and you commented that I have a cute smile. When junior year came, I saw you again in Pre-Calc. You smiled at me and you gave me weird hints that you liked me back ?? I wished that I was confident enough to say, “I like like you” but here I am writing this letter that will never reach you. So hey blonde crush, “I like like you.” It’s not a major, “I love you,” because right now I’m not sure I still like you. You have a girlfriend now, which I didn’t know about since recently. I hope you are happy and you feel the love in your teenage year. Love is fatal and will slowly creep into your life.