A story of a peculiar girl goes like this. The girl has a different taste. When everyone else enjoyed slow rock, she only listened to 90's and 00's music. For that, she felt alone. Not everyone share her preferences. If anyone did, she haven't met yet. So, she changed what she likes and she started following what other people like and do. But that only makes her feel more lonely. And as time passes by, she felt more depressed as she doesn't feel happy.

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One day, she started finding her old interests and passions. For the first time in a long time, she smiled and the nostalgia cheered her up. She could laugh again. She could smile again. She remembered her old self, her roots, her upbringing. Her old personalities and her pastimes hobbies. All those traits made her who she is. Her fake new interests only weigh her down and turned her into a fake person with no personalities.

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Now, she knows why her heart had been so empty. It's not about her faith or her sad/broken life that made her down. But it was her own doing. Trying to change who she is. And it backfired and changed her into a different person.

All her old belongings were lost. I guess that's also the reason for what made her change. But that's just one of the few reasons. She wanted to be someone else. She doesn't want to be herself.

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Everyone has their own strengths. We don't have to follow others. Our weird preferences and characters make us who we are. And at the end of the day, other people cannot help us. Because only we truly understand ourselves. And we need to be ourselves to help us in times of need, not by being someone else.

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Embrace yourselves. Your insecurities will only drowned you. Be confident and love yourself.

Love lots, Your Inner Self Who Loves You.

Photo by Nick Owuor (astro_nic) on Unsplash