You See, I dont write poems about love
I write poems about me, poems that portray me as a thug that I may be
I dont cry nor do I feel broken by a thing...
But love...My love deep in my lungs You stung
and the harm you did cant be undone
but i´ll try my best so In the future I can say I won
I guess just as I boast myself
As much as I proclaim the thug
The mask has to come undone
For a quick second I have to open up
I must sing out the unsung
That unsung, My unsung Is simply the case Im afraid to love
You see love was casper for most of my life
Love wasnt found through the nights
Love was occasional
Love was when I looked just right
Love was when I pretended to be that thug
But no more can I
for I have loved so much
I feel as no more theres not enough
I guess im fed up or my heart strings are too stretched
too wrinkled, they have left
I wish I could change my history
So there could be more time left for you and me
I wish I could unsee those read
I wish I could unlove all the x
I wish I could redo my history
For you my love
but you know what
without history there would be no you, my love
those unseen and read made me more clever when it came to you
those unanswered feelings made me store more for you,my love
All the love I dedicated to he and he and he
I now dedicate to me, my love
And ill be damned
If I let another thief take that love from me
-This is a poem about Self Love, I hope you all listen to the words and learn to have a deep affection for yourself🖤