The vampire diaries is one of my favorites that I keep re-watching over and over again.

1. How did I find out about this show?

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An old friend of mine was obsessed with the show and she always talked about so I decided to watch the the show. And now I'm obsessed with the show too.

2. Who are my favorite characters

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Damon and Katherine I love Damon's humor through out the show. And I love how though Katherine is .

3. Favorite Couples

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Stefan and Caroline since she strated planning there wedding in the first season. And Bonnie and Enzo who deserved better.

4. Least favorite Couple

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I didn't like he really didn't accept her as a vampire. They were fine in the beginning of the relationship but then she deserved better.

5. Team Damon or Stefan

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I am a Stefan Girl

6. Favorite Season

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Season Three was my favortite because of Klaus and Stefan being together to find werewolves.

7. Favorite Family

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The Salvatore brothers will always be my favorite family

8. Favorite Villain

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Katherine Pierce the myth, the legend, the baddest bitch of all .

9. Favorite Friendship

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Alaric and Damon as drinking buddies.

10. Scene that made me cry the most

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When Caroline was leaving a voicemail to Stefan and that he heard her broke my heart.

11. Character that deserved better

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Lexi was the one who deserved better. She was a amazing person who always made Stefan turn back on his humanity.