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This next series I read was recommended to me by my friend too, and although it’s a bit more of the romance genre than I would normally read, it was still exciting with fast-paced action at different parts. It was a very different kind of dystopian book I’ve read, with a very different idea of how the world might evolve into...

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Author: Lauren Oliver
Main Genre(s): young adult, romance, dystopian
Series?: yes
Books in order (only if in series): Delirium, Pandemonium, Requiem
Rating: 8/10

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The novel and trilogy is set in the future world of America where love is seen as a disease and a sickness. Lena, your typical “follow-the-rules” girl, is about to get cured to prevent herself from feeling the emotion, love. Her opposite best friend, however, seems to be veering from the rules and Lena soon finds out about the underground and secret meetings rebellious and uncured teenagers are having. She vows not to fall for anything and to “stay clean” until her procedure but she soon finds herself falling for a boy with a secret identity.

Soon, she’s thrust into a completely different world, with different rules and different people and a totally different lifestyle. But she keeps fighting to survive, because she wants to be free, and she wants to love freely.

(Wow my synopsis is so weird and cringy but let’s appreciate that I wrote one this time lol.)

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What are your thoughts on the book?
Definitely very interesting and although sometimes slow at times, there were lots of action packed scenes that were very well written and kept me turning the pages. It’s probably not very much my style (with a lot of the theme on love) but it was very different, I good different.

Who was your favourite character?
I actually don’t know because all these characters have personalities that I don’t really like...? I would probably say Julian, kind of.

Who was your least favourite character?
Fred lol.

Would you recommend this book? If yes, what groups of people (e.g. age wise etc.)?
This was more romance based but not very “explicit”. It is probably more suitable for teenagers around age 13 and up though that’s just my own opinion, you can totally read it whenever you want. This series is hard me to pinpoint for exactly what kind of people would like it.

Would you read it again?
Maybe, but not very soon.

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