Hey hearters! We're back again with our spotlight series where we introduce you to users on We Heart It that inspire us daily. This week we are so excited to be bringing you Ayda June, the colorful travel blogger who brings her adventures to life through her AMAZING content! Ayda shares with us some tips and tricks for packing and planning as well as gives great destination recommendations. So, whether you're a first time traveler or an experienced globetrotter, this article is guaranteed to get you inspired! Bon voyage!

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Q: Please introduce yourself to our users!

A: My name is Ayda (pronounced i-duh). Originally from Iran and moved to the US in elementary school. I was a hairstylist before traveling full-time with my boyfriend. We sold everything we had and it’s been over 2 years now that we are just living with what is in our suitcases.
Ayda June
Ayda June

Q: We’d love to hear about how you started your career and grew your following as a travel blogger.

A: As a former hairstylist I was craving creativity since I wasn’t able to do hair anymore. I picked up photography and started sharing my photos on Instagram about a year into our travels. Growing an Instagram page is a full-time job and if you want to start a page of your own I have some tips on my blog about how to grow an authentic following. www.aydajune.com

Q: I think for a lot people planning for you first big trip can be a bit overwhelming, do you have any tips on how to get started and stay organized?

A: Only take the essentials. Look up the weather before hand and plan out your outfits. Take clothes that you can layer. Accessories can make an outfit come to life so definitely remember those as well.

Q: If you had to choose your favorite destination, what would it be and why?

A: I think everywhere we’ve been there is something special about it so I honestly can’t choose. Maybe when I’m 80 and look back on our travels I’ll have a different perspective and see what place impacted me the most.

Q: One of your fondest memories while traveling? Where and why!

A: Riding in a hot air balloon in Bagan, Myanmar. It was truly one of the most magical moments of my life. There is something so peaceful about the quietness of being up that high and just hearing the fire under the balloon.
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Q: 5 must have staples when packing for a trip.. GO!

A: 1. Tampons- Trust me, not all tampons are created equal in different countries!
2. Hair accessories- You might have some bad hair days, so be prepared to hide it under a hat, headband, or a scarf. ;)
3. SPF- Save your skin!
4. Sheet mask- So that you look refreshed after a long flight. You always gotta look good on vacation, girl!
5. Battery pack- Having a portable battery pack is helpful when you are out exploring all day. You can charge up your phone for using google maps and transportation apps so that you are not stranded somewhere unfamiliar.
A: Packing cubes are the holy grail of packing. It saves so much space and you know where everything is when you are on-the-go.

Q: Being that you’ve come into contact with so many cultures, I’m sure you’ve met some incredible people. What is one of the most valuable pieces of advice you’ve been given or lessons you’ve learned along the way?

A: I think for me is caring less about what people think. There is so much more to the world to enjoy than to waste time worrying about irrelevant. It is your life and live it the way you want it to pan out.

Q: We have a lot of hearters who may be interested in doing what you do! Do you have any tips to aspiring travel-bloggers or people who may just be starting out in their journey?

A: Before you start, think about the message you are trying to get out there. If you are trying to be a fashion blogger, stay consistent with your photos and even your captions. Consistency is key!

Q: Whens your next trip and where? How do you generally decide where to go next?

A: Honestly, we don’t plan much in advance. Once we’re sick of somewhere or when our visas are about to expire we pick a new destination based on price and what goals we are trying to achieve there.

Q: What is it about We Heart It that brings you back everyday?

A: The inspiration is next level here!

You can follow along with Ayda's next adventures here:

Ayda June
Ayda June

Instagram: @ayda_june

Blog: https://aydajune.com/