i think we all see people saying that blablabla is shit, this one is an asshole, and many over lovely things.

i saw that celebrities are now seen by people as characters, not real persons.
but just so you remember : they are real.
they have feelings, thoughts & emotions.

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it needs to be remembered bc with the speed of infos & social medias, hate also spreads so much faster.

of course you have opinions, this is not what it is about, but don't confuse an opinion and pure, free hate.
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it's your opinion to not like ariana grande's music, but saying that she's a bitch is not an opinion, it is just being mean for literally no reason.

so, as i said before, think before you comment, you post, you say something.

  • am i saying opinions or thoughts ?
  • can it be hurtful to others, to the person affected ?
  • is it in any way useful ?
  • will it bring any good ? any bad ?

it truly believe that most humans are good, just ignorant, but take some time to wonder if you're doing good.
we'll never be perfect, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try our best.

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also because some celebrities read the comments and messages you send them, so please be respectful, nice and spread love.

i truly think that if you don't have anything nice to say & it's not constructive, you should shut your quiznak.
if you don't like something, right, it's your freedom & opinion, but maybe you should just ignore it and focus on talking about the things you love.

this was just a quick article to remind you that spreading kindness is better & that celebrities are humans like you and me, bullying is never okay.
take care, love you <3

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