It's not a shame to hold your own hand at night.

We go through different stages in life, jumping from one relationship to another, staying single for a long period of time or being heartbroken, or etc. At whatever stage you are today, i just want to remind you a few things about love and about self-love. So make yourself a cup of coffee or a tea and sit down, read this and think about it. Think about all of the things you might have been missing on, while you're being lost in the moment.

1) When it comes to love, things can get complicated

When you first look at the picture, all of it looks really simple. There are two people and between them are painted some sparks. But we all know that in real life, it's not exactly like that. One of them might not feel the same as the other one or there might come a third person, or whatever obstacles there are in your situation.

Whatever it is, remember to always step away and look at the bigger picture. Think about it - what happened, how did it happened, how does it make you feel, how does it reflect on you and etc. Or if you catch yourself overthinking it and not being able to concentrate on anything else because of it, just stop texting this person for a few hours or a day, stop seeing them for a little and just be with yourself. Read a book or catch up on your homework, meet with a friend or whatever has the power of distracting you from this person.

The important thing here is to stay present and to think right and sober, no matter how complicated the situation gets.

2) You gotta love yourself first

Don't ever forget this. No matter how exciting this person is and no matter how wonderful they make you feel, it's important to remind yourself that no one in this world can love you as much as you can love yourself. They can kiss you and make your heart flutter, yes. But they can't hold your back as well as you can if you just believe in yourself and start taking care of yourself.

They won't be always there for you, you have to learn how to protect and encourage yourself without anyone else's help. Don't forget the fact that this is life and they can be taken away from you or walk away from you as fast as they appeared.

So here comes the question - how can you love someone else if you don't love yourself in the first place?

You just simply can't. If you don't have food for your own stomach, how can you feed someone else's? It's the same with love. No matter how hard you try to go and swim with this one person, you can't do it if you have nothing else but an empty swimming pool.

Relationships are exciting, yes, but don't rush into them. Stop being so busy searching for love, but instead start a soul-searching trip. Get to know yourself better, explore the depths of your soul, keep digging until you reach the bottom of your heart and the core of your whole being.

And when you actually realise how truly fascinated you are even without someone next to you, when you learn how to love yourself and not to need anyone else, then put yourself out there, prepare yourself to fall in love and be with someone who won't complete you but instead help you to grow more and more and expect from you the same.

3) Hold your own hand at night

It's not a shame to hold your own hand at night, no. If you're scared or anxious, or lonely, just hold your own hand. Tell yourself that everything will be alright, make sure not to fall asleep in a bad mood because it may affect your morning and your whole next day.

People these days have created this image where when you're not in a relationship, you're not that cool. Alone doesn't have to mean lonely. And "taken" doesn't always mean happy.

But the truth is that there's nothing shameful to go to coffeeshops alone and to have lunch alone. It's actually quite helpful when it comes to getting to know yourself. It's very important to see how you act when no one is around.

Make sure to always set the right mindset and to control how you talk to yourself. Always stand up for yourself and don't be scared to share your opinion. Hold your head up high and remember that even if no one's holding your hand, you can always reach up to yourself. In fact, you should always be the first person to reach for help to.

Remember - Self-love is the greatest form of love!