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I decided to write this because of her article

before I begin, I wanted to say that I'm 18 years old so, I don't really know If the teenage ages are done but for me, It is.

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I started to call me a teenager when I was 12-13 years old. It is so weird to go back on these days. That was there when my parents say my changes, during the years of school. As all teenagers and humans on the earth, I could feel a deep pain inside of me and I considered this as a punishment. I was able to show my respect to everyone who surrounds me but, that was because my parents educated me like that. Otherwise, I could be so dramatic and passionate in my way to speak. Poor parents... Sorry, Daddy; sorry Mummy.

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Then, I had my first kiss! That was not cool at all, I guess. I kissed one of the boys who were in my town, during the holidays. He was cool but eww... I panicked, and That was not lovely or dreamy.

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But no, he was not my boyfriend and I thought, at this time, he was my first real heartbreak... So funny now to write that. Actually, here's my first heartbreak, with my first travel.

My first heartbreak is in French in this article but, to be rapid and clear: I fell in love with someone but we were so far... So we fought, one night and I decided to break up. And for one year, He was coming back to tell me that He loved me. I loved him too but I knew Distance was breaking my heart, so I moved on.
This moment made me realize I am not confident about myself. That's not normal but I knew He was the man who made me beautiful because he did not say "you're beautiful" or "I love you" all the time. So when he was saying those words, It matters so much... I remembered a day, I was crying in front of the High School and my best friend hold me in her arms and she said "I love you, baby, I'm here. I will always be here to put my thumbs on your cheeks to take off the tears which are rolling down on It."

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I know the things who are hard for girls like me, when we are teenagers : Bodies, Face and Smiling. This was too hard to live with. But I had the chance to be more expressive with the language. I wrote some stories about love and fiction. And to fight against this bad people, I was saying what I was thinking to them. Didn't they need to hear It too? Yeah! and Yes !

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I have always look forward. I have always said that It didn't matter, what the people think about me because I loved myself. When I grew up, It was harder because people think that we can't be loved because we are fat but guys, not at all. They were all wrong. You are more loved than ever. And I have always said *"Hm, bitch.. I am fat?! Then There are more things in me which need to be loved than you. My butt and my fat stomach tell you thanks. I realize I can be more loved".
I'm joking, of course, but for me, my weight was perfect to me and I decided to not hide It. Why hiding It when I am, myself proud of my curves, my body, my shape. Guys, whatever.

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After that, after this fight against love and body, I had to fight against my own anger. I have lost someone who was a member of my family who almost raised me like my parents. And right now, I hold my tears which is threating to roll on my cheeks. It is difficult to lose someone You love. That was the case and I could not be less sad than that. My parents could not do with my personality. I was so sad, It was painful. And yes, now I'm better but I was fighting with my parents every day. I was close to my dad and It has changed everything because I had this feeling that the person who has died took a part of my dad with him, in the stars, where he is too. And I feel guilty for many things that, sometime, It makes me breathless.

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I thought that the teenager period was the end of an air but... No. It is the beginning of something more difficult. You pass the level to be in one more complicated. So my teenager life was rude, emotional, nice, good, funny, boring, loving, caring and full of love and death... It is not so sad... It was a good journey haha. But yeah, I know that I don't say everything and I miss many details but That's my secrets that I keep forever in my head.

I love you, Stranger From Heaven ღ