It's a new week and so we have a new chapter, here you have chapter one if you wanna catch up.

Chapter 2

The end and the beginning.

He cheated on you You were RIGHT, all allong, you feel angry, sad, crazy, you want to cry and also want to kill him, then you remember what you did and know you have no reason to freak out ... so you are just standing there, in shock. Why would he do that and then tell you he loves you? You are not ready to accept it but, he was playing with you, and you stayed even though you had your doubts and in that moment, you feel like you lose the game. Right after he confesses, he starts crying, like...really sobbing, while you stay...still... with your eyes lost and a thousand things on your mind.

He starts to apologize and tells you that now he realizes how much he loves you and that it will never happen again. If the love of your life was standing right in front of you, Would you believe him? We had been together for almost a year and I really believed I could make him change by just loving him and I could change too if he was willing to try.

We gave ourselves a chance, I could never told him what I did and how sorry I was about it. I wanted to tell him that I did understood how he was feeling but I just couldn't, it seemed like he was already having a bad time accepting that what he did was wrong, so I just decided to keep on moving, forget about the mistakes we both made and hope for the best... oh I was so wrong... I felt like everything was ending but really, it was just the beginning

A couple months passed by and nothing got better, it was, in fact, worst, but at least we had a lot of plans right? We passed to every single one of them, fighting about evetything, crying, ignoring ourselves, disrepecting and that was the moment we knew it had to stop.

Do you remember the last day of your first serious relationship? I remember mine perfectly well...we had just celebrated our month aniversary a day before(it was horrible btw) and he told me he wanted to talk, when he got to my house I just knew what he was there for, it all felt lost, and to be honest, I was so fucking scared and at the same time I had to put my shit together and stood there strong as hell.

He said it was about time before we could end up pretty bad and he thought it was the best for both, he also said he wanted to spend time with his friends, because of the age, you know? You are 17 and you want to eat the world, you feel powerful, full of live, I've been there, he wanted to go live a little and I had to be ok with it, I knew I would be ok...

He said life was crazy and he wouldn't be surprised to end up with me in the future, I said it was ok but some how I knew it was never going to happen even tough he was the human being I loved the most. I kissed him one last time while he was still crying and I thanked him for every moment, actually it was a pretty good bye, I still get chills when I get to remember that day, I really can't explain you how broken I felt inside since that day... that was the day I lost piece of me, forever.

You keep on loving until you start to feel tired. Until you feel you are giving all your love away but not getting any love back. Until you feel you are the one giving the 100% almost everyday. Until you are not afraid anymore to let go, becase it's hurting more the fact of being holding on to something that it's dying. That's how our love was: perfect and sweet at the start and so sad and empty it hurted at the end.

And so we broke up, after we gave each other everything, after we saw our souls, after all those laughs, all those kisses, all those adventures, all those pictures, all those talks, all those promises, . My first broken heart ever, my heart felt like shit, I thought it was the end...but that was just the beginning.

To be continued