Last night as I laid in my bed all alone, I found myself wondering will I ever love someone like I loved you?

I know it's been two months. I know I left you, and I know that I broke your beautiful heart into one hundred different pieces by doing so. And for that I am so sorry. I know you haven't been well since. I also haven't been well since.

We both have done things since us. I kissed someone, you kissed someone. I wonder how that made you feel. Because I didn't feel a thing. And it wasn't because of the champagne we had been drinking all night. I know that, because I remember vividly how enchanting it was to kiss you, while on that same delightful bliss of champagne.

I know I broke you, and I know we aren't us anymore. Haven't been in a while. But still, why do I always find myself waking up in the middle of the night, searching for your hand to grab on to, and wondering

Will I ever love someone like I loved you ?