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I've always wanted a pen pal but at that time my pen pal never wrote to me nor did I, So let's try this again and hopefully I find someone!

A little bit about me:

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I love art!!! But recently I've become like actually obsessed with it! And i'm currently trying to learn how to draw and paint.
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I love reading! I love the smell of bookstores does that even make sense? Lol. Well anyways I'd love to even give book recommendations or we can do a thing where we swap books that we read!
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I absolutely lovee animals! Especially birds!! Animals are just so cute and precious!
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I love music, of all kinds. Except country. I listen to rap,indie,kpop,etc.

So yeahh that's all I'll share in this article cause I still wanna have stuff to talk about when you do message me! So if you have similar interests to mine, or want to get to know each other better then definitely message me! Only thing I ask if we do this pen pal thing is that you don't be rude,racist,homophobic,or rude against other people's religion. And since I'm 15 someone around my age so 13-17, other than that I don't care where you come from! Also I'd like to skype first just before i give my address,just to make sure you aren't some creep lol. And also kinda since my mom doesn't know I have this app either so ye.