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Hello everyone! In this blog post, I will show you all of my favorite TV shows. When it comes to TV shows, I like to watch stuffs that are classified as "nerdy shows" and have a little bit of fantasy in it. I've tried to watch mainstream Teenager TV shows (e.g. : Riverdale, 13 Reasons Why). Sure, romance is great, I like to watch stuff with romance in it, but I just don't enjoy it when romance is one of the main topics. I love it when shows make you think and take you away from your world. The more unrealistic it is, the more I like it. So, without making my explanation longer, here are my favorite TV shows :

1. Teen Wolf

Status : Completed

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Now I know what you're thinking, "Teen wolf is mainstream, romance is one of the main topic in it!". Yes, that's true. But Teen Wolf also use mythologies in their show, and connecting it with current world. I love mythology, whether it's Greek, Norse, Hindu. So, watching Teen Wolf made me learn about them, in a way. They also put in a little bit of World War II history in season 3A, and history is like my shit. So there you go, that's one of the reasons why I like Teen Wolf (the other one is Dylan O'brien ofc)

2. Game of Thrones

Status : Ongoing

game of thrones, got, and jon snow image
Probably one of the most famous TV show of the decade. The reason why I really like the show is, ofc, the historical vibes, a little bit of politics and arranged marriages, also the plot twists, like, no one is safe on this show, everyone can be killed off the show. About the violence and the nudity, well, I'm one of those people who prefer gory stuffs than horror, so it's okay. But for the nudity, maybe tone it down a little bit? They've been doing it for the last few seasons. But the first seasons were, nudity was everywhere, like every 5 minutes. But I get that it's what makes it different from other show. With season 8 like less than a year away, I'm pretty sure they're gonna make one of the best endings throughout TV history, bc if they're making a mediocre ending, so much for all these build up for almost 10 years.

3. Sherlock

Status : Ongoing (still no signs of season 5 tho)

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Sherlock is great. I mean like you have a story that's been around since 1800s, then change the set in 2010s. It has amazing actors in it. A great "hero" with a great villain. British accent. One of the small amount of fandoms that love the main villain as much as they love the main character, probably. Deduction scenes? Love them. Tbh, ever since I started watching Sherlock, I've tried to deduce every single person in sight, but since I'm not Sherlock freaking Holmes, I got nothing. My only problem with this show is, the small number of episodes, and the large amount of time that I have to wait for the new episodes. 3 episodes in every Heaven knows when? Good thing that I love Benedict Cumberbatch, I'm still waiting for the new season.

4. Doctor Who

Status : Ongoing

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My newest obsession. Like this show is so great. It can go on forever if you want, since the doctor can't die, basically. It's got time travel, history, sci fi, comedy, romance, hot guys with British accent (I love british accent, if you could not already tell). Everything for everyone. Matt Smith is my favorite Doctor. I'm such a trash for him, it's not healthy, but, thats that. Amy Pond is still my favorite companion, don't worry. The ladies in this show are badass. Hardly any of them, prob none of them is a damsel in distress (well, there's Rose Tyler, but we don't hate Rose in this site, and she's the Bad Wolf). Talking about the female species in this show, it makes me so happy that finally the 13th doctor is a woman. After 55 years of male, we finally got our first female doctor.

5. Stranger Things

Status : Ongoing

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Tbh, I haven't been in this fandom for quite some time because of the one of the casts love life cough millie cough. (UPDATE : She's broken up with her boyfriend, and it's been good ever since) But I know it doesn't do any justice to this masterpiece of the show. I remember watching 5 episodes of season 2 nonstop because I can't really take my eyes of the screen. Also, I screamed really loud when Mileven reunited. 346 days of them not seeing each other, is just too much. If you like 80s references, sci fi, and a little bit of romance. This show is for you. It's not that long also, it has only 8 to 9 episodes.

6. The End of the F-ing World

Status : Ongoing

Alyssa, friend, and netflix image
This show has no fantasy or sci fi aspects in it. It's more on the dark comedy side. When you watch the trailer for the first time you'll probably think, "omg this guy is creepy.", well tbh, that's what I thought, but as the show went on, he became kinda sweet, basically the definition of weirdo star crossed lovers. The main girl, Alyssa, is probably one of my favorite characters. Like her mind is so powerful and one of the most savage characters. But we will see that she's not as tough as it seems. It's really weird and dark, sweet but angsty at the same time. The show is also pretty short, each episode is about 20-30 minutes long with only 8 episodes. I finished it in one sitting.

And thats it, those are all of my favorite TV shows. I noticed one more thing about my fav TV shows, not only that they have nerdy tone in it, but most of them has british accents in it. It's insane. Thanks for reading, I'll see you on my next post!