Basic Information

~Name: Gabrielle
~Age: 19
~Status: The first Daughter of a huge family, a Princess
~Family: Her father (the king) and six younger brothers

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Physical Appearance

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Tan skin, freckles, Brown hair and big brown eyes, uses wavy loose hair or messy bum.


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A fictional kingdom somewhere near the Mediterranean, a fusion of Italy and Spain.


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an old place, full of gardens and hidden places


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  • Positive traits : Kind, Dreamer, Idealistic, Artisitc, Loyal, Smart, a Warrior.
  • Negative traits : Introvert and Shy, headstrong, Lazy, Naive, Cold, sounds arrogant (sometimes), Dramatic, Awkward.


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Her cat, Mia, and a bunch of foxes (7 ones, called Pleiades)


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Astronomy, Explorin and Arts

Dress, Crown and Style

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She Wears some simple clothing

Solo song - Crossing The Stars

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It's a inspirational song, like others princess songs, talks about exploring the world, and going beyond every limit. It's sung twice in the movie, in the first one as a naive dream of a girl who wants to explore the world. In the second one as someone who don't know how to act or movie on, and how to decide between what she is doing and what she should be doing.

The villain

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Lorenzo, a poor guy who wants transform the Kingdom in a Democracy, He has a powerful speech, And a tragic backstore. He is carismatic, handsome and clever.

Villan's Song - I'm the bad guy

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It is a song which he assumes that if she(the princess) sees him as the bad guy, so, he is the bad one... even through, he is just thinking about the country, and he is actually in his right. Its a dark, cool song, Has a similar vibe to "Ready as I ever be" from the Tangled Series, and "Be prepared" from The Lion King.

The Ending

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by the end of the movie, she convinces her dad (the king) to leave the crown and accomplish his dream (he always dreamed of being a Doctor, to help people), The kingdom became a democracy. Her brothers were happy as everyone and she and the "villain" became best friends (maybe even more ;))))) Thats a Disney film where the "bad guy" won.

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