Hello lovely Hearters! For most of us in the United States, Thanksgiving break is just around the corner, or if you're lucky enough, you're already on it. Since you will be having a lot of free time, here are some activities to do during you're time off of school or work.

1. Go Christmas shopping
- since Christmas is coming up, now would be the perfect time to shop for gifts for your loved ones! Black Friday is also around the corner, so make sure to take advantage of that day and get some gifts for you or others.

2. Catch up with friends
- if you are at college, like me, or just want to hang out with your friends outside of school, then now is the perfect time! Some fun activities could include Black Friday shopping, watching a movie, or going out to dinner.

3. Catch up with family
- A lot of us don't get to just hang out with our family during the school year since we are so busy with homework or work in general. Make sure to make time with the ones you live with because you never know what the future holds.

4. Go to a sports game
- If your siblings or friends play any sports and have games during break, make sure to go to them! It will also be a good time to catch up with people you may not necessarily meet up with any other time. The friendly atmosphere of the gym is always a good place to hang out.

5. Have a siblings day
- If you have siblings, then this would be a great time to hang out with them and only them! Our siblings should be like our best friends, so thanksgiving break would be a perfect time to just go somewhere and hang out with your sibs!

6. Bake something
- Since Thanksgiving is a cheat day for everyone, make sure to bake something delicious! Baking with friends or family is highly recommended rather than baking alone, because no one likes to be alone on Thanksgiving.

7. EAT
- okay, this is sort of a given, but what is a Thanksgiving without good food? Enjoy fellowship with each other around the table with some of your favorite or traditional foods. Thanksgiving is also a time to try something new, so make sure to try a new food, even if it may not look the best.

I hope you enjoyed my list of things to do during Thanksgiving Break! Make sure to do at least one of these things during break. No one likes to be bored, especially when you are out of school. I everyone in the US has an awesome Thanksgiving and remember to be thankful always!