Hello beautiful souls ღ! How are you?

So, I know how important It is to try something that you can't control.
Yeah, in this article, I would like to give you a piece of advice about forgetting our ex. And as we can see, It is so complicated.

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First Rule | Don't keep your ex on the social media

So yeah, everyone has already made this mistake to let her ex see what we are doing on snapchat -- Yeah guys I know how It works with the secret messages destined to your ex, on your stories!

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Second Rule | Don't be focused on your memories with this person

Please, don't tell me this title give you nostalgia... Guys -- for who are living this period of sadness, don't do that to yourself. Don't be so focused on her hands all around your body and her lips on yours. It does not matter anymore.
Focus on your present life, on your friend and your family. That's cute to think about good memories but no, You can't anymore.

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Third Rule | Be yourself, every day.

Sadness does not define you. The tears which are rolling down your cheeks are not who you are, sweetie. Smile at everybody and show them your straight and faith in yourself. DO NOT CHANGE FOR YOUR PAIN CAUSED BY YOUR PAST !
You have to Love yourself before being in love with someone else.

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Some others rules reunited | Just that to smile...

Okay now, take your breath and live. Your ex is gone and he won't come back because there is a reason for that. You can't just say that It will be different If you were getting back together. Nop, nop and NOP. Not at all. Your past is closed and now, meet someone else. Meet girls and boys better than this other person that you don't have to name.
Guys, you are all beautiful, just the way you are. Don't think that you can be less than others. No, babies...
A girl, a boy, an adult or a teenager don't need to cry about a person who has broken their hearts... THEY CAN'T. Because you are more than 7 000 000 people in the worldwide, who can correspond us. So stop It and be happy without him/her.

An ex-lover is a present pain. A present pain is a happiness for tomorrow.

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As Ariana Grande says: Thank u, Next.

I love you, Stranger from heaven ღ