We all hurt, one way or another. We all crash, one day or a another. We have that in common. Everyday is a battle for each of us, struggling to get through what we left yesterday.

But you know what else we have in common? The fact that we get up, and decide to keep pushing through. Getting hurt is not a choice. We can't avoid it.We can be extremely careful to whome we talk to, lay our trust, and we still get hurt. No one has ever prevented this because it's HUMAN. we have feelings, good and bad. Sometimes the bad ones are stronger, the pain is, but we are the only ones that decide to keep hurting, to keep suffering.

We all have days were the pain is too much, or just the sadness and feeling numb, but it is your choice how you react to it. Like i said you can't prevent i, you cant stop it, but you can drop it. like glass. Cry it away, make every tear count and then dance on them. Dance those problems away. if we can't stop ourselves from getting hurt, we might as well dnace while it happens. This can be a metaphor or not.

When feeling torn apart, put sad songs on and instead of crying to them, dance to them, instead of crying. While you're hurting, while you still have those knives in your back, and that glass on the floor, you can realise that after all the mess, all the shattering, you are here and alive, smile a little wider for the little things you are still alive to see and face those who threw the knives with bullets.