hey guys,
so this time i am doing an article about non-generic/ non cliché cities to visit.

☀︎ reykjavic, iceland

Temporarily removed photography, sky, and nature image winter, girl, and snow image beach, black, and sea image

☀︎ tulum, mexico

beach, summer, and sea image summer, blue, and water image beach, summer, and sea image Temporarily removed

☀︎ dubrovnik, croatia

sea, summer, and ocean image Croatia, california, and julia pfeiffers park image summer, Croatia, and water image architecture, beautiful, and Croatia image

☀︎ valparaìso, chile

chile, south america, and valparaiso image art, street art, and paint image Temporarily removed piano, stairs, and art image

☀︎ bay of fires, australia

australia, beach, and coast image Temporarily removed beach, dolphins, and ocean image 35mm, alex, and beach image

☀︎ cape may, usa

Temporarily removed beach, sea, and summer image beach, summer, and sand image light, sky, and sunset image

☀︎ jaisalmer, india

architecture, birds, and calm image Temporarily removed bells, india, and photography image color, dolls, and fort image

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i hope you guys enjoyed this article.