Inspired by this;

⋆ moonlight or candlelight

Image removed bath, candle, and relax image Temporarily removed book, rain, and autumn image
definitely candlelight, not a huge fan of the moon

⋆ time traveler or space traveler

Image removed aesthetic, minimal, and minimalism image photography image vintage, Athens, and Greece image
after a lot of thought I think I would prefer to be a time traveler

⋆ movie theater or arcade

aesthetic, lights, and mood image Image removed car, vintage, and aesthetic image lovely, soft, and quotes image
the movies for sure

⋆ fly to the moon or swim to atlantis

flowers, nature, and travel image Temporarily removed gif, shark, and blue image Temporarily removed
I have a great admiration of the myth of Atlantis and the sea so,

⋆ mornings or nights

aesthetic, sun, and sunrise image aesthetic, orange, and ombre image home, aesthetic, and plants image sunset, ocean, and sun image
mornings and the dawn

⋆ roses or daisies

beautiful, flower, and flowers image flowers, girl, and rose image rose, red, and flowers image rose, flowers, and red image
roses, they are stunning flowers

⋆ dragons or mermaids

aesthetic, art, and mermaid image aesthetic, black and white, and dragon image dragon, sky, and fantasy image necklace, aesthetic, and style image

⋆ stars or rainbows

globe, vintage, and planet image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed amazing, beautiful, and blackandwhite image
nights without moonlight are my favorites

⋆ books or movies

Temporarily removed book and aesthetic image book, beach, and aesthetic image books, coffe, and drink image
books >>