Hey guys.I'm ill theese days so I have time for write,I'm happy about it.
It's 9th daaay.yaay.

9.List 5 people who have had an impact on your life and describe how.

He left us after I born and we counted on ourselfs only and I had to grow up early,but I don't mind it . Because of him I am substantivee and stronger woman.

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2.My boyfriend
Ok. Atcually he destroyed my self-esteem but he helped me in so many things. I can thank for him that I didn't do stupid things . And I guess he made me srtonger.

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3.My brother
He raised me because dad wasn't there for us and mom Has always worked.

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4.My boyfriends's father
So he helped me in a lot of things and he opened my eyes abaut what I want in the future and I hae to fight for my dreams.

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5.My ex best friend
It's a long story,but because of her I know what a true frienship worth and because I lose her I know that kind of relationship is something you have to fight for.

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So this was it for today.
Thnak you for reading this.